Celebrities Lose Weight the Sensible Way with Portionpals

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Celebrities Lose Weight the Sensible Way with Portionpals

Sophie Turner, Jennifer Lopez posing for the camera

According to a recent press release, it seems that the latest celebrity trend in weight loss is a sensible plan. The company, Portionpals, is advocating for people to live a healthy lifestyle and lose weight by eating the correct portions of food.

With more Americans eating restaurant portions that are double in size what should be eaten, and obesity at all-time highs, Portionpals is emphasizing the need for people begin eating sensible amounts of food. The goal being an overall healthy lifestyle resulting in a natural loss in weight once the correct portions of food are being eaten.

The celebrity-driven television show, Extra, has been publicizing the rich and famous individuals who have been using Portionpals and finding the company’s philosophy to be successful. Portionpals has been plugged twice in the past two weeks alone on the show. With the television exposure and celebrity clients, the company has managed to move over 50,000 units since its recent debut in March.

So what is a portionpal? The company of the same name says that portionpals are, “a fun, 5-pack of silicone discs that are color-coded and can even double as cutting boards as you cut the portions of food you should eat”. The discs are divided into different categories: meat, chicken, fish, sides, and dessert. The discs are marketed as being color-coded, dishwasher safe, and easy to use. People purchase the reusable discs instead of purchasing meals, as is the other philosophy behind Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers companies. Individuals would be eating their own food, the food that they enjoy eating, but utilize the discs to assist with determining how much food they are actually consuming. The discs follow the USDA guidelines that have been approved for meal servings.

The portionpal discs don’t cost a fortune either. At $17.98, portionpals are very budget-friendly. Some other weight loss programs can be very costly. Portionpals are an affordable investment towards maintaining or achieving a healthy lifestyle.

This new celebrity trend actually shines light on living healthy, rather than dieting. It is a very simple, but brilliant concept. Portionpals encourages people to eat the amount of food that is already recommended by the USDA. The Portionpals company created a simple product based upon an industry standard that already exists. In other words, they didn’t have to do any market research as to whether or not this method of eating would work; the USDA already did it for them.

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