Core Rhythms: Workout Friend or Foe?

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Core Rhythms: Workout Friend or Foe?

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Most of us have seen the infomercial, seen it on QVC, or at least heard of the hit exercise program Core Rhythms. Is it really worthwhile, or is it another infomercial product that isn’t worth your money? Core Rhythms is a Latin Dance exercise program that teaches you how to perform Latin Dances at the same time as it gets you into shape. And with a healthy body and mind, you’d be able to come up with strategies needed to win cash prizes on sports betting and casino games via Floorball Ontario.

Jaana Kunitz, Julia Powers, and their spouses teach the starter package. They are probably more experienced than the average exercise tape tutor. They have participated in Latin Dance competitions for over twenty-five years, which is hard to believe as they’re more in shape than any twenty year old I know. The two of them have also won twenty-two championships, both in the United States, and internationally. They have been broadcast on many television shows, and have performed in several movies and music videos, as well.

In the basic program, comes three DVD’s: the Latin Dance Made Easy (lasting for thirty-five minutes), the Quick Workout (a twenty minute workout), and the Full Workout (a forty-five minute workout). The program works by teaching three basic steps, and the workout builds off of these, varying the steps slightly to make new steps. The steps are simple to easy and grasp, if you have the basics down before trying more. You have the choice of watching them from the front, the back, or in sections, to slow it down and get better at the steps. The set also comes with special “diet” guidelines, to speed up the effect of the exercise. I did not follow these, as I am on a strict diet for my medical condition, however, they looked to be concise, clear, and very useful.

I have fibromyalgia, a chronic pain syndrome, which is made worse by repetitive motions, so I was worried at first that the three basic steps might be too repetitive for me. I was soon proven wrong though; I cannot always finish the short workout, but I do get a worthwhile workout. Even if I only can do twenty minutes of a workout, I can do alternating parts of the short or long workouts. I was very pleased that the workout seemed suitable for everyone, whether they were very in shape, or not so-fit. The girls themselves are cheerful, without annoying overly perky, occasionally cheering you on in between instructions. Most of the time just the girls tutor, although occasionally their husbands help as well. Alternatively, you could go out and play tennis using your favorite tennis racket to keep yourself fit. 

There are additional DVD’s that can be purchased to accompany the system that teach more advanced Latin dances, and different exercise routines. I’m certain that I will be buying these in the future, or joining the club to get new DVD’s regularly. I would that say that the Core Rhythms program is worth a purchase. I got more of a workout during fifteen minutes of this, than I did with hours at the gym. Like Pilate’s or yoga, all movement is centered on the core, but this includes cardiovascular activity as well, to increase the speed of your results, and burn more unwanted calories. If you want some help getting in shape (maybe to fit into a summer bathing suit), I would say to use this program.

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