How a New Coffee Maker Changed My Diet

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How a New Coffee Maker Changed My Diet

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My first soda of the day would be consumed in the morning as a wake-up beverage. Most people drink coffee in the morning, but I drank soda. I chose soda as my means of morning caffeine for a few reasons. First of all, I don’t like hot beverages. I know I could have simply made an iced coffee, but you will understand why I didn’t do that as I continue with my reasons. My coffee maker is very basic with only one button that controls one function; an on/off switch. This means I had to get up, make my coffee, and wait for it to finish. I am not a pretty sight in the morning, and I’d much prefer to get up and open a can than to wait for my coffee. This is not to mention that I like cold coffee, so I would have to crack ice in addition to performing the simple yet dreadful steps to brewing morning coffee.

In the first stages of switching from soda to water, my soda count started to simply decrease. I did not quit soda cold turkey. As time went on, my soda count was down to one, my wake up can. I liked the idea of no longer being a soda drinker, so I decided it was time to replace my coffee maker with one that had an automatic timer.

Now, with my new coffee maker, I was able to replace my morning soda with a morning coffee. With my automatic coffee timer, I can enjoy a nice cold cup of coffee without cracking any ice. All I do is set the timer an hour and a half before I get up so the coffee is already significantly cool and when I add my creamer, my coffee is just right. An extra bonus to switching from a morning soda and water to morning coffee and water is the coffee adds much more energy to my mornings than the soda . In addition to the extra energy, drinking coffee instead of soda has also lead me into cutting a lot of calories. You can read more about this in my next article.

Source: Personal Experience as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert

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