Integrative Wellness in Southern California: Dr Robert Krochmal Has Three Area Locations

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Integrative Wellness in Southern California: Dr Robert Krochmal Has Three Area Locations

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There are certain attributes which are required of various professions. Nowhere is this more evident than in the health care field. A doctor, nurse, surgeon, therapist, mental health professional, or other specialist has to have a number of qualifications: intuition, compassion, affability, a big picture view of something small and unknowable to another like individual health concerns. They need to be able to understand all the things which could have led up to your individual medical end and they need to have the courage to make a diagnosis which will forever alter the way you view yourself and the world.

After meeting recently with Robert Krochmal, M.D. and finding out all about his Integrative Wellness program, I am convinced that he is a man who possesses these attributes. Dr. Krochmal’s health program has two pillars; one is medical and wellness consultations which include pediatric, prenatal, and family nutrition, longevity, anti-aging medicine, treatment for chronic fatigue, intestinal disorders, cancer prevention and support, among many others. Dr. Krochmal’s Integrative Wellness program also focuses on medically supervised, sustainable weight loss. This may include rapid weight loss, personalized nutrition, phytonutrient, herbal, other supplemental needs (including prescription medicine) stress management, lifestyle support, and diagnosis of weight related medical conditions.

One of the biggest points he stressed during our discussions was the fact that so much of what he does is personalized. One of the biggest caveats with Western Medicine is the lump diagnoses that people often get and become saddled with just so long as they are doing “okay.” Dr. Krochmal aspires for all of his patients to learn how to take their fortune into their own hands to go from being just okay to well and happy and healthy.

Perhaps even more important than any certification or practice that the doctor can put into place for his patients is the education that he can give his patients so that they will be able to proceed down a good path and maintain good healthy standards for themselves. This would hopefully trickle down so that good health practices are implemented among family and friends.

Dr. Krochmal has a full line of Integrative Wellness procedures and techniques which help to “connect the science of body and mind to the medicine of the future (using) evidence based therapies.” These not only aid in healing wounded patients but help teach people the ways to keep maladies from returning.

An M.D. double board certified by the American Academy of Family Practice (AAFP) and the American Board of Physician Nutrition Specialists (ABPNS) Dr. Krochmal is able to do a number of diagnoses and treatment for a variety of ailments.

Dr Krochmal also helps problems before they become problems in preventative stages. In fact, he’s made something of a name for himself within the local community by being able to administer preventative care for a number of illnesses; from pesky to chronic.

“Sleep Apnea goes undiagnosed in adults in a large number of cases. So people are not getting the sleep that they need; which leads to being irritable which leads to decreased productivity,” said Dr. Krochmal, “which can often lead to many worse outcomes.”

Dr. Krochmal also very delicately spoke about cancer treatment. Not so much a radiation therapist, Dr. Krochmal encourages people who are concerned about family history of cancer or are looking for preventative maintenance if they’ve been diagnosed with something like diabetes to come and find out about alternatives.

“What’s great about me is that I have that background in medicine so I’m able to craft a treatment around and in conjunction with your prescription medication.”

Dr. Krochmal is ready to hear about your particular medical history and see if he can’t offer some insights and some different perspectives on what the doctors have always been telling you.

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