Quest 4 Life Wellness Center in Lenoir, North Carolina

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Quest 4 Life Wellness Center in Lenoir, North Carolina

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After many years of making the same New Year’s resolution to lose weight and become healthier, I recently decided that I was no longer going to make more beginning-of-the year promises, and things have definitely been different. I started the first part of my plan to become healthier this past October, when I joined a local gym. Quest 4 Life Wellness Center is actually affiliated with Caldwell Memorial Hospital, a small healthcare center in Lenoir, North Carolina, and Quest 4 Life provides physical therapy and rehabilitative services as well.

One thing that initially attracted me to this gym was that for Halloween they were waiving the usual signup costs and only requiring a 3-month commitment for $45 each month. I know how in the past I’ve paid for gym memberships, but after the first month or so I stopped going. I always felt horrible in the past after exercising: tired, shaky and weak. I can’t say that I wasn’t exercising properly, because Quest 4 Life has personal trainers who perform health assessments on new members and suggest an exercise routine for everyone individually, which was done for me. Even after following the suggested routine, I initially became ill as well, but after seeing a doctor to rule out any problems, I simply continued to workout despite feeling bad, and soon I began to improve. The tired, shaky and weak feeling went away, and I was more energized than ever. If it hadn’t been for Quest 4 Life’s wonderful staff, I never would have stuck it out in order to actually start reaping the benefits.

I also like the fact that they offer free childcare services, because with two boys, I wouldn’t have much time to workout otherwise. I don’t particularly like the fact that the childcare center closes at noon and doesn’t reopen until 4 pm, but it’s free, so I certainly can’t complain. And the childcare staff are very caring and patient with the children, taking the time to sit down and color with them as well as tend to their needs also.

I would recommend that anyone living in Lenoir, North Carolina, or any of the surrounding towns to obtain a membership at Quest 4 Life Wellness Center. They have an indoor track, pool, sauna, numerous different exercise machines, and if I go in the morning, it isn’t too crowded. The staff are very friendly, helpful and professional, and if you for some reason have to pay your monthly membership fees late, or even double up the next month, you’re still allowed to use the facilities with no problems. The facility is also conveniently located and easy to access.

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